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Current Projects

Wheelchair Bus

We are working hard to purchase a bus for our residents. Most of our residents are wheelchair bound and transportation to and from events is very difficult. A wheelchair assist bus would be ideal and really life-changing for our residents. Please consider donating to this cause.

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Past Projects

Music & Memory

The “Music & Memory” project that the Martha T. Berry Foundation spearheaded has been a huge success among our residents. Although this is an ongoing process, we have already seen benefits and the residents love all the cognitive and emotional benefits this program has brought about. We are still in need of donations (e.g. iTunes Gift Cards, iPod or MP3 players, etc) so if you’d like to donate or volunteer, just reach out to us and we will offer more details. Again, thank you for your continued support and all that you donors have done for our facility and our residents.

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MFC Resident Van

One of the biggest goals we have accomplished through the foundation is purchasing a facility van to be used for various enrichment and necessary activities for our residents. The van will enable residents, who were previously unbaled, to visit the community, attend sporting and entertainment events, and much more. Again, striving to enrich the lives of our residents while living in our facility. We want to thank all of you for helping us reach this goal! Thank you!

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Tranquility Room

The tranquility room is one of the first amenities added to Martha T Berry from the Foundation. We are thrilled to add this room for the enjoyment of our residents.

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